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Andrew Bennett
Executive Director

Amy Higgins
Administration Manager
Phone: 519.745.4711 x228
Email: Amy Higgins


Edwin Outwater
Music Director

Olga Mychajluk
Artistic Administrator
Email: Olga Mychajluk



Jeanette Van Wyk
Director of Finance
Phone: 519.745.4711 x286
Email: Jeanette Van Wyk

Debbie Boomer
Phone: 519.745.4711 x285
Email: Debbie Boomer


Kim Shippey
Director of Development & Donor Relations
Phone: 519.745.4711 x279
Email: Kim Shippey

Paul Pedersen
Individual Giving & Group Sales Manager
Phone: 519.745.4711 x281
Email: Paul Pedersen

Michelle Cutts
Events & Corporate Support Manager
Phone: 519.745.4711 x310
Email: Michelle Cutts

Chrissy Scheerer
Development & Donor Relations Administrator
Phone: 519.745.4711 x275
Email: Chrissy Scheerer

Audience Engagement

Kari Hueber
Interim Director of Audience Engagement
Phone: 519.745.4711 x267
Email: Kari Hueber

Michael Elg
Associate Director, Audience Engagement
Phone: 519.745.4711 x288
Email: Michael Elg

Jessica Jones-Deziel
Associate Director, Patron Experience
Phone: 519.745.4711 x278
Email: Jessica Jones-Deziel

Nancy Schnarr
Communications Manager
Phone: 519.745.4711 x287
Email: Nancy Schnarr

Doug Kinzey
Senior Audience Engagement Advisor

Patron Services Representatives:

Wesley Austin
Keren Carr
Amanda Lowry
Greg Sadlier
Lori Smith
Ashley Tielemans
Phone: 519.745.4711 x1
Email: Patron Services

Education & Community Programs

Chris Sharpe
Director of Education & Community Programs
Phone: 519.745.4711 x276
Email: Chris Sharpe

Barbara Kaplanek
Education and Community Programs Manager, Youth Orchestra and Schools
Phone: 519.745.4711 x390
Email: Barbara Kaplanek   

Soojin Ahn
Education and Community Programs Manager
Phone: 519.745.4711 x276
Email: Education Manager  

Daniel Bartholomew Poyser
Assistant Conductor


Laurie Castello
Director of Operations
Phone: 519.745.4711 x282
Email: Laurie Castello

Andrew Mellanby
Associate Director of Operations
Phone: 519.745.4711 x277
Email: Andrew Mellanby

Alex Clark
Orchestra Librarian
Phone: 519.745.4711 x290
Email: Alex Clark

Nancy Wharton
Personnel Manager
Phone: 519.745.4711 x274
Email: Nancy Wharton

Lori Anderson
Operations Administrator
Phone: 519.745.4711 x307
Email: Lori Anderson

Jordon Kehoe
Technical Director
Phone: 519.745.4711 x280
Email: Jordon Kehoe

Dylan Siebert
Phone: 519.745.4711 x280

Laura Laing
Conrad Centre Event Sales & Front of House Manager
Phone: 519.745.4711 x280
Email: CCPA Bookings