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Community Outreach

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Community Concerts

The KWS provides many FREE Community Concerts in various locations throughout the Region every season. Check back for updated dates and locations.

Bridge to Music

Starting in the 2012/13 Season, the KWS began offering a new program, Bridge to Music. This program is open to students ages 8 – 13 and will provide subsidized music lessons and instrument loans on standard orchestral instruments. Music instruction may be scheduled as group or private lessons. This program will connect students to teachers within the KWS. Lessons could take place in established private studios, at the Conrad Centre or any other location arranged between students and teachers. Resources beyond music lessons,
including performance opportunities, concert tickets, access to events such as masterclasses and workshops will be offered to students.

Criteria for Eligibility: Parents will be required to complete an application form and to demonstrate current gross household income. Eligible students and families would be invited to attend an informational interview to learn more about the program to determine fit. This could include a "My First Music Lesson" component to find the right instrument for the student.


KWS in our Community

Throughout the year, you will find ensembles from the KWS performing free concerts and giving mini music lessons in retirement communities, nursing care facilities, schools, libraries, city halls, at outdoor venues, soup kitchens, health care facilities, summer events and so on.


When they're not rehearsing or performing, most KWS musicians mentor young musicians through private teaching studios, conservatories, music schools and universities. Our musicians love bringing their music to all members of our community.

(Multicultural Festival 2012 photo courtesy KW|AG)