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The Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts

COVID-19 Policy

The Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts (CCPA) is now open for public events.

CCPA Vaccination and Mask Policy

With the reduction of some provincial mandatory COVID regulations for attending indoor events, facilities and organizers must now begin to make their own decisions regarding COVID safety policy. Based on recent results from audience surveys, and after discussions with other local arts facilities, the majority of responses are in favour of a more gradual lifting of restrictions related to COVID-19.

CCPA’s current COVID-19 Policies will remain in effect until further notice. CCPA shall continue to require proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 (2 doses) for persons 12 years of age and over as well as the use of masks (made of tightly woven material and covering the mouth, nose and chin without gaps) for all staff, contractors, rental clients, participants, and audience members. Physical distancing and frequent hand washing are highly recommended.

All forms of proof of vaccination will be accepted (vaccine receipts and QR codes). These regulations will bring us into line with other arts facilities and arts institutions such as the Stratford Festival. This COVID policy will be reviewed again in the coming weeks as the public health situation continues to evolve.

Please fill out the Request a Rental form and/or send your inquiry to

For booking and contact information, please contact:

Green Light Arts
CCPA Rental Management
Attn: Carin Lowerison and Matt White
519-745-4711 ext. 281