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Rental Information

The Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts (CCPA) is now open for public events.

KWS/CCPA Covid-19 Policy as at May 30, 2022

With the reduction of some provincial mandatory COVID regulations for attending indoor events, facilities and organizers must now begin to make their own decisions regarding COVID safety policy. Based on recent results from audience surveys, and after discussions with other local arts facilities, the majority of responses are in favour of a more gradual lifting of restrictions related to COVID-19.

CCPA’s current COVID-19 Policies will remain in effect until further notice. CCPA shall continue to require proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 (2 doses) for persons 12 years of age and over as well as the use of masks (made of tightly woven material and covering the mouth, nose and chin without gaps) for all staff, contractors, rental clients, participants, and audience members. Physical distancing and frequent hand washing are highly recommended.

All forms of proof of vaccination will be accepted (vaccine receipts and QR codes). This COVID policy will continue to be reviewed as the pandemic continues to evolve.

Please fill out the Request a Rental form and/or send your inquiry to

For booking and contact information, please contact:

Green Light Arts
CCPA Rental Management
Attn: Carin Lowerison and Matt White
519-745-4711 ext. 281

Rental Options

This magnificent theatre offers comfortable seating, flexible configuration, excellent sight-lines, and outstanding atmosphere for your theatrical, musical or dance performances.  In addition, this is a first-rate venue for fundraisers, weddings, lectures, AGM’s, motivational workshops – whatever your needs!

The Warnock MacMillan Theatre is equipped with professional standard acoustic treatments and is a flexible space that can be used in Thrust, Proscenium or as Black Box with no fixed seating. It seats between 105 and 300 depending on the configuration used.

The lighting grid consists of a general house plot and we have ten ETC Source 4’s to be used as specials as needed.

It is equipped with a state of the art Meyer UPJ-1P speaker system processed by a Meyer Galileo 408. The mixer is an Allen and Heath GLD-80 digital sound console with digital snake. The theatre features a Christie Digital 10K projector along with a Kramer VP728 Video Switcher & 16X9 aspect ratio motorized screen.*

The theatre also features a sprung floor, providing the ideal surface for showcasing all styles of dance performances.

*Projector not available in Proscenium configuration

Rental of the Warnock MacMillan Theatre also includes four well-appointed dressing rooms, including large change rooms for both the men and women, each equipped with a shower and lockers. A “greenroom” and an office space with internet are also available for use during the rental period.

Rental rates and additional charges (where applicable) for the Warnock MacMillan Theatre are available here.

To request a specific rental date, please use the Rental Request Form.

If you require additional information, or would like to consult our calendar, please contact

The Rehearsal Hall features 13′ high ceilings, a sprung floor, and a 35’ long mirrored wall, this space is superb for rehearsals, dance or music classes, readings, receptions, lectures and other intimate gatherings.  It can comfortably accommodate up to 100 persons.

Rental rates for this space depend on the nature of your event, the time of the week and the staffing required.  Please contact for a quote.

The Board Room is a sunny space that overlooks King Street and opens up onto both the outdoor patio and the lounge.  Equipped with a projection screen and a whiteboard, this space is perfect for meetings, music lessons or small receptions.  It can accommodate 20 persons.

A Front of House Manager is included in the base rental fee for one performance per day. Additional FOH Manager costs may be incurred for multiple shows in a single day.

For all public events in the theatre, ushers must be present at a ratio of 1 per 50 audience members.  We can provide ushers at an additional cost (see Addendum A for rates).  Alternatively, volunteer ushers may be provided by the rental client.  Ushers are required to report to the FOH Manager one and a half hours before the performance start time.

An Approved Technical Advisor (ATA) is included (and required) in the base rental fee for up to 10 hours per day or 44 hours per week.  The ATA must always be present when the space is in use by the rental client. The ATA assists with set up, run, and strike and is responsible for the entire building during rental periods. Two, one-hour meal breaks must be scheduled in each 12-hour day and the theatre must be dark during these breaks.  If the ATA is required for more than 10 hours per day, overtime charges will apply (see Addendum A).

Rental clients are required to provide a detailed schedule and all technical/production requirements a minimum of six weeks prior to the first day of the rental period.

Stage Length* Stage Width* Height* Maximum Capacity Reduced Capacity (COVID-19)
Warnock MacMillan Theatre
Thrust configuration 30’ 30’ 20’ 310 TBD
Proscenium ** 32’ 34’ 20’ 323 TBD
Black Box ** 79’10” 56’5” 20’ 400 TBD
Blair Rehearsal Hall 39’10” 35’7” 13′ 75 TBD
Board Room 20 TBD


*The stage length and width are variable, depending on whether additional seating has been set out.  Height is measured to the lighting grid where present.

** The default seating configuration of the theatre is Thrust positionThe theatre can be adjusted to any of the other configurations listed above for an associated fee.

PLEASE NOTE: The option to reconfigure the theatre is dependent on other users who may be using the space within a 24-hour period.