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Additional Theatre Rental Information

A Front of House Manager is included in the base rental fee per day. 

Additional FOH Manager costs may be incurred for multiple shows in a single day.

For all public events in the theatre, ushers must be present at a ratio of 1 for every 50 audience members.  We can provide ushers at the rate of $18.00/hour per usher.  Alternatively, volunteer ushers may be provided by the rental client.  Ushers are required to report to the FOH Manager one hour and a half before the performance start time.

A Technical Director is provided (and required) for up to ten hours daily.  The Technical Director must be present for the duration of the rental period.
Two, one-hour meal breaks must be scheduled in each 10 hour day.  The theatre must be dark during meal breaks.  The Technical Director assists with set up, run, and strike and is responsible for entire building during rental periods.  Beyond ten hours there will be an overtime charge of $38.00 per hour. 

Rental clients are required to provide a schedule and all technical/production requirements a minimum of SIX weeks prior to the first day of the rental period. 
Rental Client Technical Information Form.


Theatre and Rental Space Dimensions

  Stage Length* Stage Width* Height* Maximum Capacity

Warnock MacMillan Theatre


Thrust configuration

30' 30' 20' 310

Thrust with wings

30' 30' 20' 226

Proscenium **

32' 34' 20' 323

Black Box **

79'10" 56'5" 20' 400

Rehearsal Hall

39'10" 35'7"   100

Board Room












*The stage length and width is variable, depending on whether additional seating has been set out.  Height is measured to the lighting grid where present.

** The default seating configuration of the theatre is Thrust positionThe theatre can be adjusted to any of the other configurations listed above for an associated fee. PLEASE NOTE: The availability of this option is dependent on the effect it has on other users who may be using the space within a 24 hour period.


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