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CCPA Renters Promotional Package

We at CCPA are committed to providing our rental clients friendly, qualified staff to assist in the production of their event.

We understand that an event’s success is achieved, not only through commitment, dedication, and talent, but that ticket sales really do make the difference.
That being said, we would like to assist you in promoting your upcoming event.

Available at no additional charge:

Use of the CCPA Marquee for the two weeks prior to your event

Power Point advertising on our street view TV screens.

Poster signage at entrance to the CCPA.

Promotional posts on the Conrad Centre for the Performing Arts Facebook page.


Inquiry information provided by Patron Services

Your event will be listed on the CCPA Events Calendar


The CCPA Renters Promotional Information Package must be submitted no later than 6 weeks prior to the first day of your event.

Renters Promotional Information Package


Booking & Contact Information

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