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Health & Wellness ProgramA resident of Winston Park tries the flute!

The Kitchener- Waterloo Symphony launched the Health & Wellness Program on December 13, 2014 at The Village of Winston Park.  This is a coordinated, effective and long-term formal program working within the healthcare community. It is the goal of the KWS to complement existing healthcare programs and offer our services for recreation and research purposes, without infringing on the excellent work currently being performed by music therapists and other music-related specialists.

A Health & Wellness forum was held on July 10, 2014 under the guidance of Ken and Marilyn Murray and brought together experts from a wide range of health-related fields.  The lively discussions at the forum gave the participants an understanding of what services the KWS is capable of offering and informed the KWS about how it could be an effective partner in the healthcare field.

Following this forum, a partnership evolved with Winston Park, one of thirteen Schlegel Villages, which offers seniors multiple levels of care and is on the forefront of scientific research in areas as Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Additional partnerships have already been established with KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, Grand River Cancer Centre and Clair Hills Retirement Community! Discussions are taking place with other organizations in our community to explore how the KWS might work with them.

What are KWS musicians doing for Health & Wellness in our community?


"I have now a greater appreciation for the work of the Symphony and its outreach into the community.  The Health and Wellness program is clearly effective in enriching lives of those for whom music holds pleasure and the ability to unlock warm memories."
- Guy Chadsey & Christine Bloch, KWS Supporters

  • Delivering a series of one-hour presentations to groups of Winston Park seniors. Each presentation consists of have a KWS musician demonstrate their instrument, talk about their musical life, and includes interactive elements such as having attendees trying instruments. Winston Park is measuring the results of these presentations to further their research relating to seniors’ quality of life issues. 
  • Bringing KidsAbility clients into KWS young people concerts and KWS musicians into this vitally important facility to perform and offer to be part of any research.
  • Holding small performances at the Grand River Cancer Centre (integrated into Grand River Hospital) in their oncology unity, lobby areas, and for staff.
  • Sending musicians to Clair Hills Retirement Community for a series of music performances and music appreciation presentations.

There are many different ways the KWS will be working within the healthcare field – through our existing concerts, through

orchestra outreach, and through individual musicians reaching out and filling a need.

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Your generous donation will ensure that the activities currently taking place can not only continue but the Health & Wellness Program can grow into other areas of need in our community!

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