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About the Program

The following info refers to a typical pre-COVID-19 YOP season. The 2021-22 season is temporarily modified in accordance with obligating safety protocols.

YOP Registration

Upon acceptance to the program an online YOP registration link will be emailed to successful candidates to enroll for the season. The electronic form consists of contact info and music education info, code of conduct, media permission and season fee payment. YOP offers financial assistance to qualifying families and university students (see our separate landing page).

YOP Season

Consists of three terms of weekly activities, each ending with a concert day that involves morning dress rehearsal and 2 pm performance.

Music Folders

Registered students receive their music folders at the opening practice of the season. Folders contain music sheets, season schedule and printed info sheets.

Email Monitoring

YOP members, or parents on behalf of younger students, are asked to check email accounts used for YOP registration to track weekly updates and reminders.


YOP team members are expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals, sectionals, dress rehearsals, concerts and other activities.


Students are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the starting time of regular rehearsals and 30 minutes before concerts and dress rehearsals.


Orchestras are teams. YOP members are expected to conduct themselves in a productive, cooperative, responsible, caring and respectful manner.

Rehearsal Productivity

To maximize the team efforts of the weekly practices each student is asked to:

  • Schedule additional individual practice time outside of the scheduled rehearsals to learn their parts.
  • Carry pencil with eraser to each rehearsal for marking their music with conductor’s instructions (clarifications, tips). Observe these notes while practicing at home.
  • Be responsible for their music sheets. Notify YOP manager immediately, if a part is lost or forgotten.
  • Be present and punctual.
  • Help with the setup and tear-down of rehearsal equipment (music stands and chairs) at the weekly rehearsals (intermediate and senior groups only).

Concert Dress Code

Required to be worn for all live performances, the dress code varies depending on a group:

  • Preludium Strings and Youth Strings wear white tops (shirts, blouses) and black pants or skirts
  • Youth Sinfonia’s tops are of one solid colour (no patterns) other than white or black (i.e. red or blue or green) with black pants or skirts.
  • Youth Orchestra’s dress code is all-black (black tops and bottoms).
  • All students are required to wear black shoes with black socks.