Elgar’s Cello Concerto & Mozart’s Jupiter

Music, more than any other language, conveys more precision and sophistication when portraying the complexity of human experience. Here I dare not attempt to paint the immense universe of Elgar and Mozart’s music using the English language, but to share some perspective that might be of interest.

I approach tonight’s program from the perspective of how extraordinary artists are remembered. It cannot be mere coincidence that the Elgar Cello Concerto and Mozart Jupiter Symphony both so confessional that they are almost autobiographical; the former noble, melancholy and catastrophic and the latter theatrical, exhilarating and avant-garde. Whilst the extent of desperation facing death is comprehensible in the music, I feel it is the relentless struggle in artistic creativity against time that really made these masterpieces eternal.

Tonight, I invite you all to join with this creative process as we embark upon a journey of human emotions.