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Notes From The Conductor: German Romantics

What about Friedrich Gernsheim’s music made you want to include it in this concert?

I discovered Gernsheim when I was an assistant in Québec. Fabien Gabel who has a rich knowledge of music helped me discover much more music then I already knew at that time. So Gernsheim was one of these discoveries and I fell in love with his music because it’s that German romantic period that comes from Mendelssohn and Schumann going into Brahms and Gernsheim.

Gernsheim was influenced by his contemporaries Schumann and Brahms, how will patrons hear this influence?

The orchestral colours and harmonies are very similar to Brahms most of the time. Many will think this music sounds like Brahms but also Brahms sounds like Gernsheim, because I think there was a mutual influence and involvement as well as a mutual respect. The way the strings and winds are used is pretty similar for that German period so that’s why these three composers are very close to one another

Tell us about Brahms’s Violin Concerto, it’s considered to be technically demanding, what makes it this way and what can patrons expect with a young talent like Blake Pouliot?

Being a violin player myself I must say how connected I feel to the Brahms violin concerto. It’s one of the most amazing violin pieces in the repertoire. Brahms composed this with his great friend Joseph Joachim and they were correcting the piece for months before they actually edited the piece. Blake is a wonderful new talent in Canada and I am looking forward to sharing the stage with him and play this wonderful concerto.

– Andrei Feher