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Notes From The Conductor: Mozart – Drama & Beauty

For a musician, being without a conductor is sometimes destabilizing, dizzying or even saving. For me, it is a human experience above all; that of pooling each and everyone’s talents and deploying in great energy and common breath. And for the public, I imagine, it is a different encounter with the musicians, more intimate, like chamber music. I am very humbled in the face of this genius; this plunge into Mozart’s universe, will be a challenge of transparency and light in the classical style. The characters, in the flesh in his operas, or imagined in his instrumental music, become all possible facets of man, a superposition of contrasts, dark highlights, strength, and softness.

The post-romantic sound certainly influences our listening and playing, sometimes smoothing the textures towards a certain comfort. But the romantic spirit, through its sudden mood changes, will be part of our quest throughout the program tonight. The work of articulation and style, which highlights the contours and the details of the music, will allow us to highlight here the colours of the different instruments.

My frequent playing of baroque and classical styles during the last 24 years with Les Violons du Roy has allowed me to open my horizons and to grow as a musician, at the very least, to open my ears and my heart to a vast and rich repertoire. I would like to thank Andrei Feher for this incredible invitation and project!Thank you to the musicians of your superb orchestra for welcoming me so warmly and playing with me … because, in fact, it is only a question of that: PLAY and have FUN!

-Pascale Giguère